Friday, February 17, 2012

green goals for 2012

Well it has been some time coming but here is my list of green goals for 2012. 
It follows on from my post on one word 365 - sustainable,
where I write about the things we have already done in our journey toward being
a sustainable family.

- make my own bread daily  weekly, lets try regularly
- bake snack bars, biscuits and cakes twice a week, no store bought baked goods on a regular basis **
- reduce reliance on convenience frozen food items and replace with home made freezer meals
- stock up on home made, ready to eat freezer meals (well labeled)
- use slow cooker more **
- pre pack freezer meal bases for slow cooker like here.
- use less plastic in lunch bags, use plastic containers instead **
- reduce reliance on supermarket products; household cleaning, personal care **
- pack a lunch bag for everybody (including me!) every week day **
- preserve (bottle, freeze, dehydrate) excess garden produce and low cost local foods in season
- purchase an Excalibur dehydrator
- eat more fish, at least one planned meal per week
- eat more no-meat meals **
- menu plan through the holidays as well as through the school terms
- make water kefir, milk kefir and kombucha (gribork)
- try lacto fermenting to preserve foods **

- finish chicken shed and enclosure
- get chickens, for eggs and meat, before autumn
- develop our edible garden; increase varieties grown, expand land area, improve set out
- set up low maintanance watering system for garden
- set up worm farm again

- try using a shampoo bar for family hair cleansing **
- make own soap, deodorant and shampoo bars **
- stop chemical colouring my hair and investigate alternatives to cover? the greys **
- install double glazing and reclad house for thermal and sound insulation
- implement a financial budget with an aim to reducing spending overall
- hand make the majority of kids birthday and xmas gifts, pinterest board here
- purchase another menstrual cup **
- return to (almost) full time use of cloth nappies at home (I use Pea Pods)

This looks to be a big list, but lots of these things I have started or am doing already. (**)
I'll revisit this list from time to time this year and see how we are doing!!

What are your goals for this year??

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