Tuesday, October 29, 2013

turkish delight slushie - a recipe

This drink seriously tastes like turkish delight confectionery.  All you Trim Healthy Mamas out there know that traditional turkish delight is way off-plan, being made from sugar, sugar and sugar!!  But this delicious, frosty drink is bang on-plan.  Fuel Pull if restraint is used when adding the strawberries or E if you find your handful to be on the generous side.

Rosewater can be found in most supermarkets and is the base for the fragrant, rosy drink.  Lemon essence or oil provides the sour contrast to a balance the sweetness.  You could also get away without adding the gluc, it would just be more icy.  Or try using xanthan gum.  No health benefits like gluc but it is more accessible and will produce a comparable result.

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What are your favorite THM drinks?

Sunday, October 27, 2013

apple pie sip - a recipe

Another in the series of all day sips, drinks you can feel good sipping on all day, by the authors of Trim Healthy Mama.  These girls know how to make drinks packed with flavour and health benefits.

As with my other THM recipe images, the instructions for this drink can be found on the Trim Healthy Mama Facebook page.  Save this image on you mobile device and you will have access to the ingredients where ever you are.

What other THM recipe images would you find useful?

Saturday, October 26, 2013

lemon ginger ggms - a recipe

Lemon Ginger Good Girl Moonshine is my take on the basic GGMS recipe devised by Pearl and Serene, the authors of Trim Healthy Mama.  It is a refreshing drink that can be sipped on all day.  And it's good for you too!

I have never before been able to stomach the taste of ACV (it always reminded me of being sick as a kid), but this recipe adds flavour over the top which makes it perfectly palatable.  The other trick I've found, is to make it sweeeeet.  Then the ACV is not so overpowering.  Also, if you really can't do the 1Tb ACV then just put in 1tsp and add more after your taste buds adjust.  But whatever you do, do not leave the ACV out.  You loose a really beneficial ingredient and the drink has no real flavour without it.

I make this by the litre jar for me and by the jug for my kids.  It's our bottled fizzy drink replacement

There are all sorts of variations on the Ginger GGMS.  Keep a look out for my pink berry variation!!  Search Pinterest for others too.

The directions, along with the original ingredients list can be found on the Trim Healthy Mama Facebook page.  Be sure to join the page as I don't think the link will work without joining.

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singing canary - a recipe

The Singing Canary is one of the wonderful drinks developed by the authors of Trim Healthy Mama.  You will find the detailed instructions and health benefits of the drink on the Trim Healthy Mama Face Book page.  This image was designed to be a quick reminder of the ingredients, for those who have used the full instructions before.
Do make it if you have not already.  It is surprisingly delicious!!  I'm a little addicted!

Do you have any THM basic recipe images that you could share?

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

lemon sorbet slushie - a recipe

Just the most perfectly refreshing summer drink.

Lemon Sorbet Slushie - FP
ice to the 2cup line in the blender
1/4 c lemon juice
1/4c unsweetened almond milk
3 strips lemon rind
splash of lemon essence/oil
stevia to taste
water to cover ice
1/2tsp glucomannan

Blend, blend, blend!
Pour and enjoy.
Makes a generous 500mls.

Heaps of sweetener is needed to balance the sour lemon.
Don't miss the lemon peel, it adds a lovely depth of flavour to the drink.
I use my home grown Myer lemons.  Peel the rind and keep it in the freezer.
The lemon essence/oil is optional but it does ramp up the lemonyness.
This is a FP Trim Healthy Mama compatible drink.


What's your favourite THM drink?

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