Monday, March 26, 2012

framed monogram print

This is a project I completed some time ago, for my littlest boy.  It was a time when all my craft stuff was in the one place and I knew where everything was!!  So in an effort to remember that I do craft sometimes, I am reliving the past and posting this for you.

It is a very easy, thrifty and quick project that you can complete in under an hour!!  If you use items from your stash it may not cost you anything.  Even if you need to purchase everything it can all be bought at a discount store for a couple of dollars.  Also frames can be picked up quite cheap from the op shop or thrift store, just keep an eye out and collect.  And a fat quarter of cute fabric won't set you back much and you could possibly get two frames done with this amount.

Despite being cheap and cheerful, it makes a lovely handmade gift that looks schmicko.  We have given them as birth gifts and preschool birthday presents.

You will need:
one frame
small piece of cute fabric, just a bit larger than frame
chipboard letter (or cut your own from thick card or felt)
craft paint and brush

Paint the monogram letter and set aside to dry.
Take the back off the frame.
Lay the back on the fabric and cut around the frame giving about 2cm overhang.
Next place the fabric wrapped back, into the frame (making sure you have the good side of the fabric showing!!
Pop the clips into the frame to secure.

Pull the fabric taut.
Take the dried monogram and position.
Add glue to back of letter and stick down.
Leave to dry.

That's it!!

Do you keep a collection of found items (frames, lampshade covers, jars...) just in case, like me?

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  1. You could use this idea for so many different things. I love quick & easy craft :)

    1. Oh yes, I love a quick and easy craft too!


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