Tuesday, March 20, 2012

my garden today - march 2012

I finally did some work in the garden today! 

It so needed to be done and it has been on my mental to-do list for a few weeks now.  The summer crops have all but finished.  The corn, sunflowers and tomatoes were all dying off and really needed to be pulled out and the beds prepared for winter planting.  Another first, winter planting.  I have only ever planted in the warmer months, but this year I'm putting some things in for the winter.  I don't know what yet!!  Any suggestions gratefully accepted!

So I pulled and sorted, weeds for the wheelie bin and plants for the compost bin.  Being helped by Master Two, who did a great job of putting the huge sunflowers into their pile and Miss Four who intermittently wielded the rake.  At the end of the afternoon, I had two beds and the bark pathways around them weeded.  Achievement!!

Then onto the compost.  I had a very neglected compost area that needed tending to.  Two years ago, when we first moved into this house, I built a two bay compost area.  I used scrap pallets, star pickets, recycled findings and bailing twine (as are most things I build made from!!).  It has held up really well but since building it, I have not done anything more to it.  I have used it, adding kitchen scraps, grass clippings, garden waste and cardboard, with no particular order or method.  The first bay was filled, covered and left after about 12 months and then I've been filling the second bay for the next 12 months.  Because I don't have a third bay, I now have to deal with the first bay so I can leave the second bay to mature for a while. 

This is it, my two bay composting area.  It's not going to win any beauty contests, but it works a charm and cost next to nothing to make.

Once I cleaned all the items of the top, sheet tin, kids water play table and toys (I can't waste valuable storage space!!), this is what I had.

Beautiful compost.  In its mature state, the bay was about half full, so a rough estimate would be about 2 cubic meters.  Two cubic meters of loveliness to spread about the garden and spread it was.  I got it spread nice and thick, onto the two large beds, with heaps leftover for the other beds.

I did not pull all the plants from these beds.  I still have some very happy zucchini, pumpkin and trombone marrow that I left.  I think they will be even happier with the new compost around their tootsies.

And speaking of feet, it's been a good day in the garden if my feet look like this!!  I love bare foot gardening in the fine weather.

What jobs have you been doing in your garden?  Any suggestions for winter planting?

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  1. well done!!! do you like peas, snow peas, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, leek, garlic or onion? If I had my garden already this is probably a list I would be looking at for winter :)

    1. Hay Allison! I thought I might plant some garlic. Broad beans, beetroot, radish and carrots went in today. Looking forward to some rain to water them in nicely!!

  2. Yay for compost! I love saving scraps and doing something good with them! I would also say garlic for winter planting .. and things like leeks that can sit outside all winter and not be harmed. I love working outside too!

    1. Hi Jane. Compost is just the best something-for-nothing recycling project ever!! Add scraps, scraps, scraps, do nothing, get great garden conditioner!! Garlic is a must do, but leeks would be good too. We don't get snow here like yours though. I checked out your blog!! Can't wait to read more about your cheese making adventures. I have started with a little yoghurt cheese, labnah style, but nothing major cheesy... yet. Great to have you drop by!! Nona


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