Thursday, April 26, 2012

a few before(s)

I have found myself recently thrifting big items at the op shops, tip shop, garage sales and gumtree.  These are things that I have been on the look out for, for some time and I have just come upon them seemingly all at once. 
But the down side of this thrifters 'high', means I have a few pieces of furniture to repair, modify and put into use.  I do love fixing stuff up, it is just hard to find the time to do it and so they sit forlorn in the garage, mocking me when ever I look at them. 

So to motivate myself, here are my newest purchases and what I intend to do to them.

1920 style solid timber single kitchen cupboard
Needs some adhesive plastic book covering removed from the shelves, glass or wire mesh or fabric added in the top door panel and a good clean down but really was in very good shape.  Will be housed in the new laundry/mud/craft room.

1940 style solid timber double kitchen cupboard
Needs several minor issues fixed, 2 hinges replaced, timber filled, door knobs changed, draw dividers added and a good clean down.
It has perspex in the top door panels and this will stay in for the foreseeable future.   Later I will make lead light windows in a traditional sunburst design (my favorite!!),
instructed by my family's resident glass guru, my mum!
This beauty may live in the kitchen / dining room with storage for my preserving things.

vintage hall table
This beauty was rescued from the tip shop.  It looks like it has had a hard life. 
The top is split in two and is not attached securely to the legs, but the legs are solid and even! 
I will remove the top, rejoin the timber, maybe a very light sand down and rejoin to the legs.
I love the multi paint colours in this piece and the turned legs. 
It will be a side table in my (not yet built) garden summer house.

I just love furniture with age and wear showing.  It fits perfectly with my eclectic, vintage style. 

(This sounds much more fancy than it is in reality.  Its just a heap of furniture that I love, put together, sharing the same space.  I think it works together because I love each piece for what it is alone!)

I also love that buying this furniture is thrifty and one of a kind.

Well, I must make a start on one of these projects...
...maybe tomorrow!

Do you thrift shop furniture?  What are your latest bargain purchases?

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  1. These are such great pieces! I especially love the 1920 kitchen cupboard. It looks like it is in excellent shape.

    We just bought a new dining room table at a yard sale. It is the only piece of furniture I've bought at a yard sale, but I'm hoping to do more buying in the future.

    One thing I struggle with about buying used furniture is lead paint. I love 1920s furniture, architecture, etc., but the lead paint is a real issue for us.

    1. Congrats on the 'new' dining table eryn. Im sure it was a fraction of the store price. Got to love that!!
      I have not thought much about the lead in the paint issue before. My kids are old enough not to chew the furniture and Im not sanding it, so will it be fairly safe? What do you think?


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