Sunday, April 22, 2012

menu plan monday - 23 april

I shall start this post with a confession and an excuse of sorts. 

There are heaps of packaged foods on my menu this week!!  With everything going on in my house at the moment, I am finding that I have not had time to prepare meals ready for dinner, let alone bake bread and biscuits.

We are in the middle of fairly major home renovations.  We are busting concrete, digging footings, moving plumbing, putting in new windows and landscaping.

We have a great team of friends and family who are tradies, helping us out on this job. 
Which means that I need to be an extra pair of hands on site too.  Most days you will find me holding on to windows, sledge hammering concrete, zipping up to the hardware store for supplies or making hungry man sized lunches. 
It is heaps of fun and I am learning so much about how things are built and how easy alot of things are to diy if you know how!!

So I have been busy with all things building until late into the afternoons and then been trying to put a somewhat nutritious meal on the table at 4:45pm (and yes we do eat that early most nights!!).

I have tried to plan better this week for the evening meals, things I can make the night before or have in the slow cooker all day.  But I still do not have time for baking, so the packaged stuff. 
It is how it is for now!!

Menu Plan 23apr 2012

What life events are impacting your menu this week?


  1. I won't have time to make it for Monday's dinner, but count me in for Tues - Fri's meals!!! they sound really yummy! Beck :)

    1. I hope they turn out to be as yummy as they sound!! And your always welcome no matter whats on the menu. xo

  2. Everything sounds good! I love your meal plans! :)

  3. MAN! You're crazy organised! Scary! I Wish I could be a little organised with cooking.... Looks yum :) xx

  4. Not crazy organised, just crazy!! thanks mirri! xo


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