Thursday, April 19, 2012

outdoor adventure kids birthday party

I was really pleased with how this party eventuated.  The kids had heaps of fun running about outside and exploring in the bushland and it was low stress and on budget for me. 
Win - win!!

Most of the details of this party you will find here.  And the rest is as follows.

This was a good amount of food to provide for our guests (10 kids + 10 adults).  We did have some food leftover, but not too much.  It was good not serving a hot food and no-one missed it at all.  The food was laid out (covered) on the serving table at the beginning of the party and uncovered when it was time to eat.

sweet - mini wafer biscuits (2 pks), mint slice biscuits (2 pks), sweet & salty popcorn (6lt), 3kg imperial mandarines, birthday cake (based choc ripple cake)
savoury - plain corn chips (2 pks), pumpkin dip, hommus, water cracker biscuits, camembert cheese (3 rounds), egg & lettuce sandwich triangles (15 eggs mashed with mayo, 1 iceburg lettuce, 2 loaves bread)
drinks - hot drinks for adults, 300ml bottled water (24 pk), raspberry syrup

All the extras...
I made a tree birthday cake.

We hung fabric bunting around the picnic area...

along with my paper bag happy birthday bunting.

I thought it all came together really well, the kids had a great time
and the birthday boy was delighted with it all.

A good day was had by all!!

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