Monday, April 02, 2012

what I wore - march 2012 edition

So, this month I only managed to snap my outfits four times.  Hang on, I should phrase it more like - I managed to take photos of 4 outfits this month.  {Glass half full and all that!}

It is a mild spring *oops* autumn here, so I don't know from day to day how cool it will be, so layers are in order.  And leggings.  Just what I like!

So, on with the show.

This is my refashioned shirt dress, I love how it turned out!  I wore it several times this month, with leggings and red accents.

This shirt was comfy in the slightly chilly morning, but as the day heated up I almost melted. 
Maybe it is too early to wear polyester?? 
{And I still have not cleaned the mirrors in my kids rooms??!! 
Too much other more important stuff to do, like... aahh, blogging!}

I love this combo.  Grey floral shirt with floppy wingy things for sleeves ($10 from chain boutique), worn with my (thrifted years back) kahki wrap, box pleated skirt and leggings (again!).

And this is what I look like trying to take a half decent photo before the sun comes up.  This was a great little number, felt great wearing it.  Black stretchy dress worn with red tights and black boots.  Grey cardie worn because I couldn't lay my hands on the same one in black. 

I am trying to get away from wearing black, except for accent or layered pieces.  I think the greys are more flattering on my {aging} skin!  I love the outfits where I have {successfully} mixed patterns and colours or that are vintage looking, and black does not feature greatly in these looks.

Just a quick look now at what I would love to be wearing::

I am loving the coloured tights with waisted knee length dressed.  Just adore those boots with another waisted dress.  And that coat with coloured shoes and dark tights, makes me wish winter was here!

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Thankyou for sticking by me on my journey to recording my {'aced it' and 'what was she thinking?'} clothing choices for posterity!
What styles are you leaning into this season?


  1. It's autumn Nona!!! Not spring!! Just so you know!!! It can be hard remembering, but that's what your little sister is here for!!

    1. It is hard remembering the season, especially past midnight, when I should be in bed!! Thanks xo


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