Friday, November 16, 2012

my garden today

We have all been rather busy in the back yard of late. Lots of major landscaping and planting for the growing season. So I thought I'd show you around. It should go with out saying that nothing is finished, but when are things truly finished in a growing garden??
The chicken house has a built in nesting box and we have two new girls in the flock.
The seedlings are planted out; sweet corn, beans, peas, tomatoes and squash.
I've moved two garden beds and they are ready for more tomatoes and squash. Mum and I with the two little kids, went to the local horse track and collected a trailer load of horse muck. Hope to see some happy veggies soon!
The ornamental bed is looking good. The weeds are just as happy as the roses, dahlias and camellias!!
We still have a lot of dirt too. The dirt pit is soon to be our patio. It will be ready for the summer holidays?!!
I do enjoy getting outside and getting dirty. The evening ritual of watering is one of my most relaxing times of the day and I do look forward to it.

Hope you gardens are growing too.

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