Saturday, October 26, 2013

lemon ginger ggms - a recipe

Lemon Ginger Good Girl Moonshine is my take on the basic GGMS recipe devised by Pearl and Serene, the authors of Trim Healthy Mama.  It is a refreshing drink that can be sipped on all day.  And it's good for you too!

I have never before been able to stomach the taste of ACV (it always reminded me of being sick as a kid), but this recipe adds flavour over the top which makes it perfectly palatable.  The other trick I've found, is to make it sweeeeet.  Then the ACV is not so overpowering.  Also, if you really can't do the 1Tb ACV then just put in 1tsp and add more after your taste buds adjust.  But whatever you do, do not leave the ACV out.  You loose a really beneficial ingredient and the drink has no real flavour without it.

I make this by the litre jar for me and by the jug for my kids.  It's our bottled fizzy drink replacement

There are all sorts of variations on the Ginger GGMS.  Keep a look out for my pink berry variation!!  Search Pinterest for others too.

The directions, along with the original ingredients list can be found on the Trim Healthy Mama Facebook page.  Be sure to join the page as I don't think the link will work without joining.

If you save the image to your mobile device, you will have easy access to the recipe where ever you are.  Be sure to create a THM folder in your Gallery to keep them all together.

Do you have any THM recipe images to share?  Leave us a link in the comments.

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