Sunday, January 29, 2012

caterpiller birthday cake - a recipe

For my baby's second birthday party, I tried something new. 

I did not plan. 

That's right!!  Not a scrap and not a morsel of thought went into the food, setting, or activities. 
And it was so good.  I enjoyed myself because I took it easy. 
Nobody else new I took the easy way out, and nobody cared!! 

I shopped that morning for all the items.  I bought packet chips and biscuits and we ate cocktail savs and bread for the hot food component of the afternoon.  I didn't worry too much about additives and artificial colours, it's a party.  (This is one topic to follow up on this year.  What easy real food to serve at a kids party?  Ideas any one??)

Yippee!  The mummy can have fun at the birthday party too!!

Well, on to the cake.  As you see, the birthday boy was very excited about his caterpiller cake.  And so was his mummy.  It took me about 30min to put it together.  It is not a traditional cake by any means.  I used a chocolate ripple cake base and set it up in a wiggle over the cake plate.  To decorate, I used coloured whipped cream, m&m and jujubes.  Easy!!
Half and hour from go to woe.  That's got to be good!! 

Now just to figure out how to interpret chocolate ripple cake into other forms. 
I reckon I can do it!!

Was the cake a success?  The birthday boy enjoyed it, so I think so!!

What is your favorite easy to make birthday cake?


  1. Sensational Stuff! You are avery talented and beautiful wife.

    1. Dear Anonymous (AKA husband!!). Thankyou for your kind words.


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