Saturday, January 28, 2012

diy bathroom surface spray

This one I happened across quite by accident. 

I had the eucalyptus oil out to clean some sticky residue off the new toilet suite, from where it was wrapped in sticky packing tape.  It did a fantastic job at that let me say, just oil on an old cleaning cloth and rubbing.  From there I just kept cleaning down the rest of the toilet with the eucalyptus soaked cloth.

This method worked really well and left a lovely clean fragrance.  I have tried the vinegar and bicarb method, but this never really felt clean to me and left a film of gritty powder on the surface.  Soaking the cloth with the oil did use quite a bit of oil, so I went from there to mixing the oil in a cheap spray bottle with water. 

This is a keeper!! 

To about 2 cups of water in the spray bottle I add about 2 Tb eucalyptus oil.  Shake well, spray surface and wipe clean with old cloth.  It's that easy!!

100 percent pure eucalyptus oil, 200ml, $8.50 + 500ml spray bottle, $1

So this bottle of oil will be able to fill my 500ml spray bottle 5 times or in other words, each 500ml bottle costs $1.70.  I can deal with that. 

A green cleaner, no toxic chemicals, no yucky residue, heaps less land fill and the satisfaction of a diy product!!

What green products do you use around the home?  Do you use eucalyptus oil?  What for?

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  1. This is an interesting idea. I must try it out sometime soon.

  2. Hi there, I do the same though I use Tea Tree oil. I also love the 12 drops of TT oil with 250ml of water in a spray bottle to use on the kids hair to prevent head lice. Spray it on each day before school.

  3. Hi its such a good idea to clean some thing by using this eucalyptus oil , apart from that, this oil is also used in different areas like pharmaceutical, antiseptic, repellent, flavouring, fragrance and I think someone must try it.


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