Saturday, January 21, 2012

latte frappe - a recipe

Hello, I'm Nona and I'm addicted to latte frappe.  Well I have been, ever since I figured out just how easy they are to make at home. 
(I was buying them from Maccas before this.  I know, shame, shame!!)

So this is it, my super easy latte frappe (fancy name for an iced coffee).

Into your blender jug, throw two big handfuls of ice, about 1cup full cream milk, a double shot espresso coffee and sugar to taste. 

Blend away until you have a frothy, creamy, icy mix.
Pour into a large glass. 

Best enjoy while sitting in a hammock, under the shade of a leafy tree while the kids are playing together quietly. 
Optional, but it does improve the taste!!

What is your favorite icy drink?  Share your recipe.  I love to try new things.

I've linked up to Frugal Days, Sustainable Ways.  Check out the other great ideas there.

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