Monday, January 23, 2012

nigella's easy lemon cheese cake - a recipe

I have struggled with cheese cakes of late.  Not the eating, of course, I'm quite OK with that, but the making of.  Lumpy, too firm, not cheesy enough are all common problems. 

It's my own fault though.  I don't follow a recipe.  I think cooking should be something I do by feel and from memory and it just should be easy.  And it can be. 

I recently discovered this recipe by Nigella Lawson, the queen of the easy recipe.  I saw her make this cheese cake on one of her TV shows, so I don't have a link to the original recipe, sorry!  But this is her recipe, through my memory!

Nigella's Easy Lemon Cheese Cake

1 pkt plain biscuits
30g butter
Blend biscuits and butter in the food processor until fine crumbs.  Press crumbs into greased and lined spring form tin.  Place in fridge to firm up.

500g spreadable cream cheese
1 jar lemon curd (lemon butter)
1/2c sour cream
Wipe out food processor.  Put remaining ingredients into processor and blend until smooth.  Spread over base and fridge until set.

It's that easy!!!

I have made this a couple of times.  The first was with a packet of chocolate biscuits and I served it topped with raspberries.  It was delicious!!  These photos were of the second time, with a packet of Rich Tea biscuits which also worked really well.  This recipe is such a basic one that you can modify it with whatever ingredients and flavours you have on hand.  Just what I like!!

What is your go to dessert recipe, the one that works every time??

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