Wednesday, January 25, 2012

reversible shoulder bag

I can't say I've done much sewing of late (probably, for the last 12months!!), but today I cracked out the machine, found the sewing kit and got to work.

My sister asked me about 2 years ago for a new bag and I did promise I would make her one. 
Better late than never hey?

I made this bag using a pattern by Novita of verypurpleperson.

It is so easy to make.  I did it in about 3.5hrs, most of that time was with 2 preschoolers underfoot.  The pattern printed to scale.  The instructions were easy to follow with lots of pics to get you through the tricky bits. 
I got the pattern cut from two 1m pieces of fabric.  The main fabric is a grey polyester suiting type fabric, with the lining from a Kaffe Fasset piece, both from Mum's stash.
I did modify the basic pattern.  (I don't think it is possible for me to follow someone elses instructions to the letter!!)  I left out the darts at the base of the bag, lengthened the bag and strap sections and added a ruffled pocket to the outside of the bag.

As you see, I just added length using paper sections taped between cuts in the pattern.

I cut 2 of the main fabric.

Cut 2 of the patterned fabric.

Then on to making a pocket from some of the larger leftover scraps.

This was attached it to the main part of the bag.

Next the liner and the outside are stitched together.  Not all the way!!  Read Novita's instructions carefully and follow it to the letter!!

Clip inside curves.

Turn the bag right side out through one of the straps.  It is a bit tricky, but it does work.

Sew ends of straps together and then finish strap edges with top stitching throughout.
And voila!! a bag with cute ruffle detail.

Do you use a fabric bag?  Have you tried making your own?


  1. I agree better late than never, I am sure she will love it, bags are so much fun to make, I love the ruffle detail on the pocket, Lovely, thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks UKMUMINUSA, she did love it. And I had fun finishing a project in one day. Thanks for reading. Hope to see you back here soon.


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