Wednesday, January 25, 2012

where I am currently...

Listening ... to ABC4Kids morning kids TV. Would prefer no TV noise but this is how it is this morning.

Watching ... one child climb in the pantry cupboard, one sitting on the kitchen bench, one reading on the bricks and the other child play with kitchen tools.

Reading... anything to do with soap making, the newest obsession!!

Eating ... fresh bread and real butter, yum.

Drinking... a homemade double latte frappe.

Wearing ... new pink pj jumpsuit on clearance from Target. Really comfy but a pain to get out of to go to the loo!!  It's 9:30am and I still havn't made it into day time clothes!

Feeling...ready for the end of the holidays. I am going back to school, but so are the kids!!

Weather ... sunny and warm. Will be a hot day again today I think.

Wanting ... a day where I don’t have to break up a fight between kids. Not going to happen, I know.

Needing... more seasonal fruit. Will pick up some local cherries, strawberries and plums later today. Only a week left in the local cherry season. Boo hoo.

Thinking... about the to-do list for today; dishes, laundry, sorting and packing away toys, cutting my hemp oil soap into bars.

Enjoying... another day with no plans and no urgency to be anywhere except here with my family!!

What are you currently up to?

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