Sunday, January 15, 2012

she's 4

We held Lili's birthday party this weekend.  The weather was ideal, kids played well (most of the time!!) and the food was yummy.  Which leads me to the theme for this post, birthday party food.  Specifically, easy and good birthday party food.  As much as for me to remember next time as for your own ideas.

We had 15 adults and 11 kids to cater for, from 2pm.

I started with cold food platters. 
2 soft cheeses
semi-dried tomatoes
water crackers
corn chips
2 pkts chips
tick tock biscuits
mini wafer biscuits
half watermelon in slices
2 pkts caramel popcorn

About 3pm we had icecream birthday cake with berries.  A DollyVarden style cake was the design, using 4lt icecream in total.  It was so easy.  Icecream cake has to go on the list of very easy birthday cakes!  I think she turned out quite well!!

Close to 4:30pm we took out the hot and substantial food.
2kg drumsticks with moroccan seasoning
2kg drumsticks hoisin marinade
potato salad - 2kg potatoes, 1doz eggs, 1pkt dill
coleslaw - 1/4 cabbage, 5 carrots, 1 beetroot, all shreded
2kg cocktail savaloys
white sliced bread

This worked well for me, stagering the food and activities.
We did not have games as such, because of the age of the children, but activities.  Screamer balloons, regular balloons and bubbles (24 pk mini) was enough to keep everyone entertained mid way through the afternoon.
The party wound up about 5:30pm.

I would use this loose plan again next time.  The food was enough, easy and a good mix of made and bought.

What is your go to birthday party food?  What is your easiest birthday cake?

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