Friday, January 13, 2012

diy deodorant

Well I finally got around to making the frugal and friendly homemade deodorant that I pinned a while back, from passionate homemaking.  I did make some modifications to the recipe, I just can't help myself.  I added a probiotic powder to the mix to add to the good (read - not smelly!) flora that should be on the skin and thickened the mix slightly with bees wax.  I think it will undergo another slight modification next time, but this is it as of now... my natural deodorant dots.

Step1 - Sift 1/4c bicarb soda and 1/4 c cornflour into a small bowl.

Step2 - Melt 150g coconut butter and 1Tb bees wax in a medium glass bowl. I did this in the microwave, but you could do it the proper way in a double boiler!
I wanted my mixture to be more set than the original, which was to be spread on with the fingers, therefore the addition of bees wax.  I wanted a product I could pick up and rub under my arms.  It didn't quite work out that way, but I am still more than happy with the result.  

Step3 - Mix bicarb and cornflour into coconut butter until smooth.

Step4 - Sit bowl in sink of cold water and stir until cool. It will start to solidify around the sides.

Step5 - Open 2 capsules of shelf stable probiotics and add to mixture.  Just the powder, throw away the capsule.  Also add 10 drops of lavender oil.  Stir through.

Step6 - When a little cooler and thicker, spoon into mini paper patty cases.  Leave to set. 
Again this is where my recipe differs.  I wanted a rub on type dot, instead of a smooth on cream.  This works, but my fingers melt the dot still.  So either I need to add more bees wax to make a more rub on product or leave the recipe as is, pour it into a glass jar and smooth the cream on.

Now stand back and look at what you made!!

This whole process only took me 20ish minutes, in someone elses kitchen, with all the kids around who were hungry for lunch, so if I can do it, you can too!

I have been using it for several months now and am so happy with the product and the results. 
It works!!

This recipe cost about $4.50 and lasts about twice as long as my old commercial products, which cost twice as much!! 
Savings all round!!

Edit:  I don't use the dot version of this anymore.  I found that applying it from the dot was messy.  So now I pour the solidifying cream into a lidded jar and leave to set.  I scrape out a portion to rub on my under arms and just wipe my fingers after!!  So much for trying to make it easier than the original!!  When it aint broke, don't fix it!!

Recipe - Natural Deodorant Dots
1/4 c bicarb soda
1/4c cornflour
150g coconut butter
1Tb bees wax
2 capsules shelf stable probiotic
10 drops lavender oil

Sift bicarb soda and cornflour into bowl.
Melt coconut butter and bees wax over low heat.
Stir in probiotic powder and lavender oil.
Spoon into paper mini patty cases.
Leave to set.

That's my latest small thing.  How about you?

Do you use any home made natural beauty products?  Will you try this natural deodorant?

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  1. Thanks for sharing this at Fat Tuesday! It looks like areally good idea!

    1. No probs Jill. Thanks for hosting Fat Tuesday!!

  2. We make our own as well, but just leave it as a powder and use an old make up brush to apply it with. Works great for us and we will never go back to the other stuff.

    1. Thanks for your comment Rabbit. Leaving it as a powder sounds like a good idea. Heaps cleaner to apply. But even being a bit messy, I like my silky soft underarms from all that coconut oil!! I think so long as we are not sticking harmful chemicals on our skin and it stops the stink, then we are all winners!! Yah for us!!

  3. I came over from Barn Hop and enjoyed your blog. I've been wanting to try this for my daughter and I. I'm not sure I could get my boys or husband to use it. This might have to go on the to do list this week.

    1. Give it a go, its for the guys too. My hubs is a sweaty, hairy bloke and he finds it works fine. Just make sure you either dont fragrance the boys batch or use 'manly' essential oils. :) Black pepper and lemon oils are a good mens scent blend. Let me know how it goes for your family.

  4. Thanks for the recipe. I'm trying it tomorrow:)

    1. Goodluck with it Caroline. Let me know how it worked for you.


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