Monday, February 06, 2012

diy microfibre kitchen cloths

If cutting fabric up is your DIY style, then this for you.
Very easy DIY! 

I bought a 6 pack of micro fibre car cleaning cloths (size 45cm*30cm) at K-mart for $3.50.  These were too big for general wiping and cleaning in the kitchen.  So I cut them into 4 pieces each.  No hemming, measuring or stitching.  Just eyeball it!!  Voila, good sized reusable cleaning cloths for surface wiping in the kitchen.  They stand up well to machine washing, even with unfinished edges.

(Inspiring photo of a cleaning cloth huh??!!)

In the past we used rinsable Chux cloths.  But for about $6 for 20 cloths which lasted us about a fortnight, it was fairly expensive.  I have heard about the Enyo micro fibre cloths, but never looked past the (for me) huge price.  $3.50 for 24 reusable cloths is very good in comparison.  Don't look for micro fibre cloths in the laundry/kitchen isle as there are very few bargains there.  Check out the car section as you are likely to find better prices.

I keep my cleaning cloths in a basket under my kitchen bench near my sink, for easy access. and wash them regularly.

Do you use reusable wipes in the kitchen?  What do you use?

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