Sunday, February 05, 2012

menu plan monday - feb 6 2012


Drum roll please.....  I have just figured out how to embed a document in my post. 

Yeh for me!!
And this is good news for you, how???

You will now be able to use my weekly menu plans for yourself if you want.  I list all food we are planning to eat each day.  Breakfast, snacks, lunch, afterschool snacks and dinner.  I plan the baking for each week in this process too.  This helps me to pack the kids lunch boxes, cook my own cakes and biscuits, not have my preschoolers eating all day and have something to eat for my lunch.

I plan easy, healthy (mostly!!), real food meals, with a little help from packaged products.  My kids are not fussy eaters in the traditional sense, but I still need to keep it fairly simple for their tastes.  I often plan in double meals and have them two nights running or keep them in the freezer for a quick meal in another week.

I have been planning a weekly menu for about a year now.  It helps heaps with the weekly shopping budget, getting tea on the table for the hungry hoards and prevents staring in the full pantry and claiming there is nothing to eat!  It is the 'J' in my personality (Meyers Briggs Personality Type) being expressed.  I find some calm and security in having things organised and written down!

Have a look at the plan.  If you are interested in getting the blank menu plan, I will be adding a copy of that too very soon. 
Leave a comment if you are interested and I will do it for you. xoxo
So here is this weeks menu plan.  Hope it helps your family, like it does mine.

Do you menu plan?  Why?


  1. i would love to receive it... my email is thank you!

  2. can you do it as a JPEG? file... can't open anything PC -windows -word doc on a mac :(

    1. I mean PDF file!!!

    2. I tried Beck, still can't do it!! I'll email it to you.xo


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