Tuesday, February 21, 2012

wychwood - an inspirational garden

Last week, Mum, my two littlies and I happened upon Wychwood garden.  We were on our way to Deloraine via Sheffield and Paradise, when we passed the turn off to Wychwood. 

I had been to the garden a long time ago and remembered how wonderful it was.  It has been the inspiration for my current garden in so many ways.  I just love the espaliered fruit trees, the beautiful gates and the low fences.  It is well worth a visit if you are visiting Tassie in the Mole Creek area.  It took so much effort to narrow down the photos I took to just these.  Every where I looked was something I wanted to record and remember!!  They have chickens, a creek at the bottom of the garden, birch trees and lovely seating!  So here they are, the pics from Wychwood.

Do you have a garden you take your inspiration from?  What is it you love about it?

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