Thursday, March 01, 2012

coffee cup sleeve

Recently, I have been buying more take away coffees than normal.  Our home espresso maker has (hopefully temporarily) thrown in the towel.  Until I can get around to having it seen to, we are stuck with the french press or take away espresso (and the french press is so tiresome to clean!!)

And I like hot coffee but not holding on the hot coffee cup.

So call it a cuff, holder, cosy or sleeve, this nifty little hot drink thingy will go everywhere with you.  Keep a couple in your hand bag and make some up as quick gift items.  They would be great as teacher appreciation gifts, to give with a gift card to a local coffee shop.

What you will need:  Large scraps of cotton fabric, wool suiting and interfacing, a paper coffee cup and pinking shears.

Take a paper coffee cup and cut it to use as a pattern. 
Remove the base. 
Cut the cup to lay it flat and then trim about 2cm off the top and bottom.
Add 1.5cm to the short sides as seam allowance.

Cut one each of cotton fabric, wool suiting and interfacing.
Sew or iron on the interfacing to the wrong side of the wool piece.
(I sewed the interfacing to the cotton, but would have been heaps better on the wool as it would stabilise the stretchiness)

(Ignore the interfacing on the cotton piece!!)
Fold each piece right sides together and stitch a 1cm seam.

For the rest of the steps I have no pics. 
I was rushing to finish in the last minutes of my littlest ones afternoon nap!! 
I did finish but with no photos taken. 
It is very easy though.

Turn the cotton tube right side out.  Slip the wool tube inside the cotton tube, wrong sides together.  Don't match seams, as the seam area gets too chunky.

Stitch about 1.5cm inside the raw edge around both the top and bottom of the cosie.
Finish the raw edge with pinking shears.

There you have it.  A finished coffee cup sleeve.  It should look something like the one below.

You could easily whip up enough for yourself and some gifts in about an hour.  And use up some of your scrap fabric too!!

What ideas do you have for small handmade gifts?

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