Saturday, March 10, 2012

what's in my bag?

This is my bag.  I made it about 6 months ago from vintage wool suiting and thrifted cotton lining.  It's basically just a big, and I mean big, bag with ruffle detail across the front panel, pleated onto a deep cuff with a long strap.  I mostly wear across my body.  It gives me both hands free to hang onto kids plus I like the look.

So, the answer to what's in my bag...

My purse is by Nica.  I've had it for about a year and it is still going strong.  I just love the style with the patterned fabric.

With 4 kids, I need to carry a first aid kit everywhere.  It contains bandaids, stingos, scissors, paracetamol and other little bits and pieces.

Tissues and cough drops are also essentials as is the pack of baby wipes that has gone missing.  I thought I had a pack of wipes in the bag??!!  Have to fix that.

Junk papers should be culled frequently and thanks to this post, I have chucked what I don't need.

I have been carrying my new coffee sleeves and have used them heaps.  See my tutorial to make your own.

I got the idea for this post, from Rachel at Smile & Wave,  I read the post and typically I thought I could do that!!  Actually I think that alot when I read Smile & Wave. Her ideas are really workable for me, whether it's her clothing style or her decor ideas. You'll be seeing alot more vintage clothing on me with her inspiration.  Click through and have a look.  You won't be disappointed!!

So, what's is your bag??  Just the basics or everything you may ever need??

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