Monday, May 27, 2013

pallet wood wall art

Today I'd like to share with you a project I completed recently, with my new favorite material, pallet wood.

Through Pinterest I found a heap of designs for furniture made using reclaimed timber and pallet wood.  I just love the junky chic of well worn timber.  So I bought myself a reciprocating saw, loaded up a trailer full of free pallets and got to experimenting.  If you don't yet own a power tool, I so recommend it.  Heaps of fun and so easy to create something great.

This project cost me nothing in materials.  I used free pallets and leftover screws, nails and paint from our ongoing house renovation.
I didn't take any progress photos, sorry!  But the instructions will be really simple.  Promise!

1. Break down a pallet.  Cut through the nails with a reciprocating saw or pry the timber apart with a crow bar and hammer.  Remove all protruding nails.
2. Choose a few pieces of timber which look good to you.  Lightly sand and arrange.
3. Flip timber over.  Nail two bracing pieces across the back to join all pieces together.
4. With a large dry brush, lightly paint the front.  Make it messy.  I used leftover house paint.
5. When dry, sand painted areas and all over front.
6.  Make a stencil with stiff cardboard.  I hand wrote the word love and cut it with a Stanley knife.
7.  Paint your word on the front using the stencil.  I used poster paint.
8.  Screw some eyelets into the back for hanging.
9.  Find a great place to hang your masterpiece.
10.  Wait for the compliments.

Hopefully the compliments you get are better than mine.  My 6 year old asked me why we had a lump of wood hanging on our wall.  And I have still to convince my husband.  Oh well!!  I like it and I hope you do too!!

Have fun creating!


  1. I love the colours.......
    Do remember what paint you used?
    (Is it turquoise or blue or .....?)

    1. I used an antique turquoise wall paint, applied with a dry brush technique.


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