Wednesday, June 12, 2013

peanut butter energy bites - a recipe

Just sharing a little something I put together.
I wanted an easy snack which had little sugar, loads of good fats and protein and great taste of course!!  So many energy ball recipes were bound together with honey or heaps of dried fruit and I wanted to sweeten with stevia.  The whole aim was to make a low carb, good fat snack and that is what I have.
And it tastes sooo good!!

Peanut Butter Energy Bites (S)
1c shreaded coconut
2/3c whole cashews
2/3c whole almonds
45g sugar free dark chocolate (sweetened with stevia)
2/3c smooth peanut butter (no added sugar or salt)

Pulse coconut, whole nuts and chocolate in blender until finely chopped.
Tip into large bowl.
Stir through peanut butter.
Form into 1 tsp balls.
Chill and enjoy.

Makes 48 bites

Let me know what you think.
Do you have a favorite low carb snack food?

**edited to remove sultanas - becomes an S snack**


  1. Hi Nona, just left a comment but I think it disappeared :(
    Anyway, I would leave out the sultanas as I'm trying to lower blood sugars and I'd use raw cacao powder too as I'm not sure about those 'healthy' chocolate bars! And maybe some maca powder for energy!
    You could roll some in cocoa powder and they'd look like truffles!!
    I'm going to try these and I'll let you know if they are still yummy!!!!

    1. I have made these again without the sultanas and with cacao powder and they were really good if not quite sweet enough. I am happy with the stevia sweetened choc I use. It has all real food ingredients with stevia for sweetness. I set the last batch in a tray and cut into squares. Sooo much less work than rolling balls! Basically I used the Treat Squares recipe from the Trim Healthy Mama book pp401. When all else fails, go back to the source!! I will have to edit this recipe to make it an S snack, not a crossover as it is atm. Nona

    2. Great minds, huh? I've just made a batch with a few tweaks and when I came to the rolling bit I thought 'yeah maybe I should make a slice and cut them instead of all that rolling'!! But I did roll and they are in the freezer having a quick cool off.
      I used macadamias in place of cashews, added stevia and xylitol and a splash of coconut oil, which I thought it would need. But no it didn't and was a bit too soft to roll well, so I had to add almond meal as well!!
      I'm going to try again and do a bit more tweaking. We actually have a very similar recipe that I used to make for our children's birthdays but it uses honey.... And sultanas!!! And that's just given me the idea to have a look through my old cookbooks to find some goodies that I can play around with and 'fix up'!!!! Not now though........ the daily grind is calling.....!!


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