Tuesday, August 27, 2013

peppermint toothpaste

Cleansing, protective, healing.

This toothpaste is fabulous. 
It is so easy to make, tastes good and is really good for teeth!

I have been researching for a while, alternatives to conventional supermarket toothpastes for a couple of reasons.
My kids are not good at spitting toothpaste and will often eat the tube toothpaste.  This concerns me because of all the potentially harmful chemicals in conventional toothpaste.  Even when used as recommended, the bad stuff has to be taken up into the body.  And I don't want that.
We also have a tendancy to waste so much toothpaste around the sink, sqirted into the tub, spread over the bath toys...!!!  I have very creative and curious kids!  When I can make the same quantity of toothpaste for a fraction of the price of a supermarket tube, if some gets wasted, I don't mind so much.

There is a better, healthier and cheaper alternative to supermarket toothpastes.
I thought it was silly not to give it a try!

Coconut oil is healing and will help the remineralisation of tooth enamel.  It is also said to be antibacterial and will reduce the number of bacteria that causes tooth decay.
Bicarbonate of soda will gently scrub the tooth, cleaning and polishing the tooth surface. The bicarbonate of soda is quite salty so if it is too salty for you, just cut the quantity back some.
Peppermint oil leaves pleasant fresh breath and is reminiscent of regular tube toothpaste.  Try other essential oils for different flavours if you like.
The xylitol has many positive health benefits.  It is a natural sweetener with none of the scary health effects of artificial sweeteners.  Xylitol actively reduces tooth decay, with regular use as the sugar is in a non fermentable form.  It is even said that xyltiol promotes remineralisation of tooth enamel.

Homemade Peppermint Toothpaste
¼c coconut oil
2Tb bicarbonate of soda
10 drops peppermint essential oil (or to taste)
1Tb xylitol (or to taste)

Mash all ingredients together.
Store in a lidded jar.
Use as for conventional toothpaste.

Do you make your own toothpaste?  What special ingredients do you include?

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  1. Hi Nona - I just stumbled on your blog somehow but have it bookmarked to dip in and out of. I make my own toothpowder too and I love it so much more than bought. I use stevia in mine - just the tiniest amount, and cinnamon and clove oil and peppermint oil together - not too strong though. Right, am going back to read some more - thanks, cool blog.


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