Wednesday, October 26, 2011

the best tatziki ever - a recipe always the one made at home.  Fresh, thick and full of flavour and goodness.

How to-
1.  This recipe starts with 1lt fresh homemade yoghurt.  I use my EasiYo yoghurt maker and a sachet of the EasiYo Skimmers unflavoured mix.  Last time I made this dip, I used the Greek style, full fat mix.  It too, was great.  It had a very creamy texture and full bodied taste.  But, in my efforts to cut calories, but not variety and taste, I have used the lite version, with good results.

2.  When the yoghurt is set (I leave mine in the maker overnight) the next step is to hang and drain the yoghurt.  This makes the tatziki thick and dip like.  I tip the yoghurt into a clean tea towel, bring the edges up and tie with string and return to the base of the yoghurt maker and put back in the fridge for 6 or so hours.  (I will endeavour to get photos of these steps soon!)

3.  From here, grate a cucumber and squeeze as much juice away as you can.  Mix the thick yoghurt into the cucumber with about 1tsp salt.  Mix it well.  This makes about 500ml tatziki.

To serve, dollop tatziki onto a tray and sprinkle with sweet paprika.  Enjoy with your favorite cracker biscuits.  (I have eaten several while writing this post!!)

So tell me, have you made your own tatziki?  How did you do it?

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