Tuesday, October 25, 2011

our treasures

Our adventures took us for a spot of beach combing.  And ohh, what treasures did we find.

 A shark, rotting in the warm spring sun.

 A fragile crab claw.  The boys held it so carefully and even made the claw action work.

 A floral seaweed.  So detailed and intricate.

And a collection of sea urchins, lined up on a huge chunk of driftwood. 
We placed them together for the next beach combers to find.

Oh... and I found the holy grail of shells today.  A very faded, but still beautiful tiger cowry.  I just remembered that it was in my back pocket and pulled it out, along with bits of celery.  My girl thought it was just so funny this morning to stuff my back pockets with the celery bub pulled out of the back fridge.  I thought I had cleaned it all up!!

I wonder where tomorrow will take us?

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