Tuesday, November 01, 2011

vegie fritters - a recipe

This is what we had for tea tonight.  I mashed 1kg potato with sour cream, added a steamed cauliflower and 2 cups peas.  Mashed well together with 4 eggs and 2 cups sr flour.  Then fried in a little butter and oil over med heat until well browned. 

These were just the last three, but you can see you don't need much oil for frying.

My kids like them at room temp with tomato sauce.  Any food that can be eaten with the fingers and dipped in sauce is a guaranteed hit in my house!  Some nights I just need a (relatively healthy) food that all the kids will eat with no complaints.  I don't have fussy eaters, just opinionated eaters.  One will object to the spices used, or the foods temperature, or the addition of meat, or that we had it last week... or any number of other things.
So this is a good meal for us.  Not every week, but occasionally it is fine. 
And yummy.

What is the healthy hit food in your house?

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