Tuesday, November 01, 2011

what I wore

...has taught me, don't do head shots with my phone camera (how old do the bags under my eyes make me look??), I need to tidy the kids bedroom before taking photos in there, I must clean the mirror and I like my clothing style, even if it is not to others taste!!



Just some of the clothes I wore last week.  I do tend to wear the same things over and over!  Note the flower pin and scarfe!  They are my go-to accessories.  I think they dress up almost any outfit and make me feel good.  I made both of them and I love it when people comment on the pin. 
What I wore is a great record of the well and not so well put together outfits of mine.  Should make it easier to find something to wear when I have a clothing mental block.  We will see.

What is your go-to outfit or accessory?  Why do you choose it?

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