Monday, May 14, 2012

menu plan monday - 14 may

Happy {belated} Mother's Day

What better opportunity to do the bragging mummy bit.  This pic is one my eldest son took using my web cam and edited in iPiccy.  He is such a creative boy.  To properly stage the shot, he had to crouch on the chair and press the capture shot button with his toes!!  He then cropped and processed the image to get what we se here!!  I'm such a proud mumma!!

On to the menu plan for the week, which leads me to ahhh!! my computer has been refusing to let me access my Word suite files.  So the menu plan will be just spilled out here and not neatly tucked in a publisher doc!!

breakfast - fruit toast
lunch - rockmelon, ham & cheese sandwich, donut, rice crackers, fruit salad
dinner - corned silverside (slow cooker) with baked potato, baked sweet potato, broccoli, carrots

breakfast - porridge
lunch - pineapple, cheese & cucumber sandwich, fruit biscuit, corn chips, jelly
dinner - chicken stew with tomato & veg (slow cooker)

breakfast - french toast with sourdough fruit loaf
lunch - apple, ham & cheese sandwich, tiny teddy biscuit, corn chips, jelly
dinner - sausage and bean bake (from freezer)

breakfast - porridge
lunch - apple, cheese & gerkin sandwich, muffin, rice crackers, fruit salad
dinner - homemade pizza with chargrill veg

breakfast - porridge
lunch - pear, pizza (leftovers), fruit bread, dried apricots, fruit salad
dinner - stirfry veg & noodles


Have a great week.

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