Wednesday, December 26, 2012

raspberry sorbet - a recipe

A dear friend dropped off a huge bucket of freshly picked raspberries today 
and my mind went straight to sorbet.  
Well straight after eating several bowls full 
and then realising that we could not possibly eat them all while they were still fresh!! 
 What a problem to have!!

My recipe is a very easy one, no cooking involved.  
The sorbet is not overly sweet and lets the flavour of the raspberries shine through.

Raspberry Sorbet   (makes 1 litre)

500g raspberries
juice of one lemon
50ml orange juice
1 cup white sugar

1. Blend all ingredients together to form a smooth puree.
2. Sieve to remove seeds.
3. Pour into an ice cream machine and process until done.
Or, pour into a shallow tray and freeze, stirring several times to break up the ice crystals.

What fresh produce do you have in excess at the moment?
What are you doing to preserve it?

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